Old farmhouse in Kullaa Leineperi

Korpikumpu offers accomodation and space for example bachelors parties and birthdays. Korpikumpu is also an exellent place to host summer camps for children.

Korpikumpu is placed in the middle of a forest. Nowdays it is located in the city of Ulvila, formerly part of the muicipality of Kullaa. It is situated 2 kilometers from the road from Pori to Tampere. From Korpikumpu there’s about 20 kilometers to Pori and 100 kilometers to the city of Tampere.

We rent Korpikumpu to the late fall depending on the weather from May to October.

Korpikumpu is an old farmhouse that was cleared for migrants in the 1950s.  Korpikumpu is rented to one party at a time. There are beds for a total of 21 people.

In the area you will have access to the main building, sauna cottage, hut with campfire, outside shelter with campfire, outside toilet and yard where you can relax – there is also a small football field and goals!

We want you to enjoy and relax in the forest as our quest! With limited amenities, we strive to preserve the ambiance of the rustic farmhouse. Come to sense it in Korpikumpu!

Step inside Korpikumpu!

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